Customer Testimonials about us.

Dean Bennett of Compu-Tek Computer Services did an outstanding job of advising us of the computer and printer we should get, of arranging for ordering them, and for installing them in our home.  Dean very quickly cut through the peripheral information that is so often associated with a computer purchase to suggest two computers from which we chose one.  He also suggested a printer.  Through this process I asked Dean a multitude of questions, all of which he answered in an intelligent and informed way.   He then went on to order our computer and printer, and to install them very quickly in our home.    Throughout this process, Dean conducted himself in a thoroughly professional manner.  I have no hesitation in recommending Dean Bennett should anyone have a new computer to install, or have technical questions that must be answered. 

Dr. W. John Harker
Professor Emeritus
University of Victoria


We have been very happy with Dean’s service..he is very accessible , on time, very thorough, calm and easy to talk to so we don’t feel like complete ‘techno peasants’, and explains what he is doing and why . We are relieved to have finally found a nice,detailed computer person who does house calls.

M&M Victoria BC


Dr. Michael D. Lax
Victoria, BC

Testimonial for Dean Bennett, Compu-Tek

It is with great pleasure that I offer this testimonial. However, this
testimonial is not about Mr. Bennett’s remarkable computer expertise. I want
to share with you an experience …
Several weeks ago our main family phone jack stopped working. The one
that everyone in our family uses many times a day. The only jack that
seemed to work was in the master bedroom, which made it kind of tricky for
the kids wanting to check messages at certain times of the day … or night!
Last week we finally got a service repairman out to fix the problem. After a
bit of snooping around, the repairman came back and said he couldn’t locate
the fault, and suggested I quiz the electrician who had done some recent
work. It just so happened that Mr. Bennett overheard this conversation, and
after the telephone repairman had left, offered to take a look …
The next day, Mr. Bennett shows up at my door with a secret tool.
Within a very short amount of time he had found the problem and fixed it.
(Well, “patched” actually, as all we had around was electrician’s tape!)

This experience spoke volumes about Dean’s breadth of abilities, but much
more than that, it exemplified what I, and many others, have come to know
and admire about this man: his character, his generosity, his desire to go
“above and beyond”.
Thanks, Dean! Ann and I are thrilled to have our bedroom back!

Dr. Michael Lax



Re. Business Reference Letter

To Whom It May Concern:


It is a pleasure to take this opportunity to provide a letter of recommendation regarding
the computer services of  Mr. Dean Bennett of Compu-tek Computers.

For years management of our IT infrastructure was handled in-house. We had hired
outside firms to care for some of the more challenging technical issues. With the
expansion of our firm, and the desire to contract more of this work out to a professional,
Dean was among those we interviewed. What appealed to me was Dean’s focus on
building a solid IT system that would provide stable long-term solutions, with the least
interruption to our business.

Dean has been maintaining our computer system for approximately a year. We are
enjoying uninterrupted use of our network and computers. Dean has provided valuable
work and consultation in the install ofVOIP telephone system, verifying that our network
integrity and speed would not be compromised. Dean was persistent in establishing data
backup as well as UPS to prevent data loss in the case of power disruption or surges. For
the unexpected issues that arise, Dean has been readily available to our staff to ensure that
our business keeps on running.

With Dean’s dedication and at times, persistent determination, I can truly say that IT is

one aspect of our business that I no longer need to worry about.


Dennis Howard
Operations Manager,
Aquamist Carpet Care and Restoration