iPhone vs Android usability

I have used both latest iPhone IOS 5 and Android 4.2 cell phones for business.
I purchase an Android phone to take camping so I don’t accidentally wreak my over priced iPhone.

The androids have a much larger screen 4.5″ to 5″ vs the narrow iPhone  4″ (same as 3.5″) and is easier to read.
The android also lacks the iPhone any screen zoom capability. It is very handy with small text and the smaller screen.
Apps: There are apps you can not get on an iPhone because Apple restricts them, such as WI-Fi scanners for signal levels etc.
Working with text.
The android downfall is it copy paste function and lack of an undo on typing.
You can not just copy  text in any app and then paste it like an iPhone. ie phone numbers.
Apps: The iPhone apps tend to be more refined than android, some are just the same as Android
Backup to restore or replace a phone:
The iPhone had a simple  backup, iTunes. It will backup everything.
The android only back’s up data. You have to reinstall all your apps one at a time from your Google  playstore account.
If you are a very non technology person the iPhone is easier to use and backup is a simple one stop solution.
If you want a larger screen or on a budget, then Android is the way to go.
I personally prefer the iPhone system but hope that soon Apple will make a wider screen iPhone and lower the price.
Smart phones should not cost more than laptops!