The basic office set up should have for each computer:

1. Commercial anti-virus (not a free one!) Prevent virus on PC and networks, inc Mac’s

2. Backup to on-site network drive & off-site storage: For data recovery and archival

3. System image disaster recovery set. This is full copy of your computer hard drive.

4. UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply): To prevent hard drive crashes and data loss.


Network Set up:

1. Business class router and switch, typically life time warranty

2. Cat 5E cable to each workstation computer. (20-50x faster than wireless)

3. Separate WiFi access point (if needed)

4. Network server or NAS (Network Area Storage)



1. Laser Network printer with high yield cartridge,  spend $350 or more

(No ink jets, unless wide format printer is needed)



On-site routine maintenance each PC  every 3- 6 months. Just like maintaining your company car.

Internally clean each PC and server every 6 months.